Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection Device SPD is also named surge arrester, All surge protectors for a specific purpose are actually a kind of rapid switch, and the surge protector is activated within a certain voltage range.

After being activated, the suppression component of the surge protector will be disconnected from the high-impedance state, and the L pole will be turned into a low-resistance state. In this way, the local energy surge current in the electronic device can be vented.

During the entire lightning process, the surge protector will maintain a relatively constant voltage across the pole. This voltage ensures that the surge protector is always on and can safely discharge the surge current to the earth.

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Lightning has obvious threats to personal safety and poses a potential threat to various devices. The damage of power surges to equipment is not limited to direct AC Surge Protection Device T2 SLP40-275-1S+1lightning strikes. Close-range lightning strikes pose a huge threat to sensitive modern electronic devices; on the other hand, lightning activity in the distance and discharge between thunderclouds can create strong inrush currents in the power supply and signal loops, so that the normal flow equipment is normal.